Product Review: Garnier Skin Active Moisture Rescue for Normal/ Combo Skin

Packaging:  For around $6-$9, the packing of this moisturizer is made of glass which is impressive. It’s impressive because usually any cosmetic with a glass container usually costs a bit more than one made from plastic. There is about 50 grams of gel-cream which should last about a couple of months if its applied according to the instructions. I’ve noticed a lot of products don’t come in large containers like Korean products do. I find that the difference is interesting maybe it’s the markets or preferences of each cultures customer. Whatever it is both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Formula: It’s a very refreshing moisturizer with a cooling effect that gives your face that cold quench it needs especially on those hot summer days. A moisturizer should help your skin bring life to it again after it being dry due to various of conditions. Pollution, stress, UV rays, lack of sleep can reduce the life and look of your skin. Wearing it day and night has decreased that dullness I had on my face that only other products would temporarily reduce it and then it would only revert to its initial state. It also has helped the texture on my skin only become smoother. It’s claimed to lock in moisture for 24 hours and it has vitamin E and fruit water. It is oil-free and its most definitely a light weight formula. Which in my case is super important, the one thing I loathe the most is having a heavy weight cream or moisturizer applied to my face.

 Fragrance, Color, and Texture: I must be completely honest but the fragrance is not something I favor. It does not pleasant to me however I’ve had others smell it and they say that they do like it. I will leave it to you guys to decide on whether you like the fragrance or not. The color is this beautiful light teal color. The texture is like a gel that dissolves into the skin like water. It’s very comfortable and not sticky at all.

Overall: A million times Yes!!! I love the ingredients, the cold effect and it really does keep your skin very moisturized. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has dry skin or acne issues. There is also another moisturizer specifically for dry skin that is a light pink color which benefit the crowd of people with really dry skin.

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