Product Review: Yes To Tomatoes Skin Clearing Facial Mask

Packaging: The facial mask comes in a small container about 5.9 cm wide and 5 cm tall. Small enough to carry around if necessary for travel or spending a weekend at a friend’s home. I really like the basic colors they used on the labeling and the basic run around of the product. I didn’t see the ingredient list on the product so that is a bummer. On the other hand, the brand is cruelty-free which is amazing!

Formula: This brand is known for being organic which I praise them for because so far natural products are what have helped me achieve great skin. This formula is paraben-free, so it’s best to follow the recommended expiration date of 12 months on the label for the best skin health. This product is recommended for oily skin and it helps to brighten your complexion. After trying it out for the first time, I noticed that it’s best to apply it to a damp face so that it can help the cream move around the face. That way you can create that thin layer that you need. When it dried up and I removed it with a damp washcloth my skin looked a little red. I do recommend being gentle with the washcloth because your skin is a delicate surface and you want to avoid stretching it or scratching it roughly. Lastly, I showered my face with cold water. This should help close the pores and aid them after a deep cleansing.

Fragrance, Color, and Texture: The scent is hard to describe but it smells like organic fragrant clay. The color is a white/beige tone. The texture is a thick consistency that can be hard to move around but you can work it around the skin.

Overall: It is a great product and it has helped with my dull and uneven skin tone. It thoroughly cleanses, calms acne and helps prevent acne. This facial mask is a bit difficult to apply, however, you can adapt to its formula. My recommendation is to leave the face a little damp to let the mask move around. This product did so well for me. I really want to get my hands on their other product lines.

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