Product Review: Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist

Packaging: What can I say? It’s incredibly adorable! The bunny shaped container was really what drove me to buy it. It adds uniqueness to your vanity and really makes it stand out from your other products.  Once you open the container it has a spray nozzle made to provide with a decent amount of mist onto the face. The pocket bunny also contains about 60 milliliters of liquid.

Formula: This formula is made with Berry and Baobab Tree Extracts. It aids with hydrating the skin after a long day or when your skin is a bit dry you can spray this liquid on and you should feel refreshed and renewed. I’m more of a combination skin so my T-zone is what gets the oiliest. I still apply it on during the day even if I have makeup on. It makes my skin feel in a way relaxed especially when you’re going through stress in your daily life and your skin is dealing with it too.

Fragrance, Color, and Texture: The fragrance that this formula has is a faint fruity smell. In a way, its aroma is a faint peach type of smell. As for the color and texture, it’s similar to that of water. When it’s on the skin after its dry you feel like it did leave a bit residue behind but it eventually goes away.

Overall: It’s a nice product but it’s not the best. What I didn’t like was the residue feeling however it still does the job of hydrating your skin after a long hot day.

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